Sriram (Shri) Chellappan

Associate Professor

Computer Science Department

The imprints of Computer Science have permeated many facets of life today. My research broadly focuses on socio-technical systems, which are systems involving tight coupling of technology and society. Of interest to me are problems like a) Leveraging Big-data from the Internet today to reason about health trends at an individual and societal scale. a) Using social media data to identify human behaviors pervasively; b) Using graph models to understand evolution of modern social networks; c) Modeling attacks and defenses in emerging socio-technical systems like the Internet, Smart-grids and Vehicular Networks. The above problems are exciting, challenging and very useful to study, with a host of applications and impacts immediately awaiting them. My research is supported by grants from the National Science Foundation, Department of Education, University of Missouri Research Board, University Transportation Center and Army Research Office.

Selected Publications

Frances Montgomery, Sriram Chellappan, Raghavendra Kotikalapudi, Donald Wunsch and Karl Lutzen, “Monitoring Student Internet Patterns: Big Brother or Promoting Mental Health?”, to appear in Journal of Technology in Human Services, Spring 2013.

Raghavendra Kotikalapudi, Sriram Chellappan, Frances Montgomery, Donald Wunsch and Karl Lutzen, “Associating Depressive Symptoms in College Students with Internet Usage Using Real Internet Data”, IEEE Technology & Society Magazine, Winter 2012.

Mark Snyder and Sriram Chellappan, “Exploratory Coverage in Limited Mobility Sensor Networks”, in Proc. of Intl. Conf. on Network Based Information Systems (NBiS), Gwangju, Sep 2013.

Muhammad Al Mutaz, Levi Malott and Sriram Chellappan, “Leveraging Platoon Dispersion for Sybil Detection in Vehicular Networks”, in Proc. of IEEE Intl. Conf. on Privacy, Security and Trust (PST), July,  Tarragona, Spain, July 2013.

Neelanjana Dutta and Sriram Chellappan, “A Time-series Clustering Approach for Sybil Attack Detection in Vehicular Ad hoc Networks”, in Proc. of Int. Conf. on Advances in Vehicular Systems, Technologies and Applications (Vehicular), Nice, France, July 2013.

Ashish Choudhuri, Harini Ramaprasad, Tamal Paul, Jonathan Kimball, Maciej Zawodniok, Bruce McMillin and Sriram Chellappan, “Stability of a Cyber-Physical Smart Grid System using Cooperating Invariants”, in Proc. of IEEE Intl. Computer Software & Applications Conf. (COMPSAC) , Kyoto, July 2013.

Vamsi Paruchuri, R.B. Lenin and Sriram Chellappan, “Arrival time based Traffic Signal Optimization for Intelligent Transportation Systems”, in Proc. of IEEE Advanced Information Networking and Applications (AINA), Mar 2013.

Gerry Howser, Sriram Chellappan and Vamsi Paruchuri, “Vehicle Path Verification using Wireless Sensor Networks”, in Proc. of International Workshop on Heterogeneous Wireless Networks (HWISE) in conjunction with IEEE Advanced Information Networking and Applications (AINA), Mar 2013.

Recent Grants
National Science Foundation (NSF), “CAREER: Human Behavior Assessment from Internet Usage: Foundations, Applications and Algorithms” (Feb 13 - Jan 18).

National Science Foundation (NSF), “II-New: Infrastructure to Support Integrated Research and Education in Socially Intelligent Computing at Missouri S&T” - National Science Foundation - (Jun 12 - Jun 14).

Army Research Office (ARO), “A Heterogeneous Secure Networking Test-Bed to Counter Explosives”  - Army Research Office - (Jul 12 - Jul 14).

National Security Agency (NSF), “Common Correctness for Protecting Confidentiality Critical Infrastructure Systems”   (Jul 12 - Jul 13).

Department of Education (DOE), “A Doctoral Program in Security and Privacy in Mobile Social Network Space” (Sep 12 - Sep 15).

Research Interests:

Socio-Technical Systems for Smarter Health and Cyber Security.

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