Chaman Sabharwal


Computer Science Department

Selected Publications

Chaman Lal Sabharwal and Bushra Anjum: Principal Component Analysis as an Integral Part of Data Mining in Health Informatics, Proceedings of 31st International Conference on Computers and Their Applications, CATA 2016pp. 251-256, 2016. (Invited Paper)

Chaman Lal Sabharwal and Bushra Anjum, Data Reduction and Logistic Regression using Principal Component Analysis  in Qualitative Spatial Reasoning and Health Informatics, An open access research journal on Computer Science and Computer Engineering, Polibits, Issue 53 (Jan-Jun 2016, pp. 31–42;

Chaman Lal Sabharwal and Jennifer L. Leopold;A Generic Design for Implementing Intersection Between Triangles in Computer Vision and Spatial Reasoning, Innovative Research in Attention Modeling and Computer Vision Applications, (ed. Rajarshi Pal, Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology, India), IGI Global publications, (, pp.195-.235, 2016.

Bushra Anjum, and  Chaman Lal Sabharwal, An Entropy based Product Ranking Algorithm using Reviews and Q&A Data, The 22nd International Conference on Distributed Multimedia Systems, DMS2016, Salerno, Italy, Nov 25-26, KSI Research Inc., Knowledge Systems Institute Graduate School and Datonix, pp. 69-76, 2016.

Bushra Anjum, Chaman Lal Sabharwal, Filtering Compromised Environment Sensors Using Autoregressive Hidden Markov Model, Polibits, Vol. 54, pp. 5-10, 2016.

Jennifer L Leopold, Chaman Lal Sabharwal, Nathan W Eloe, VisCFSM: Visual, Constraint-Based, Frequent Subgraph Mining,Journal of Visual Languages and Sentient Systems Volume 2, pp. 9-15, 2016 (Best Paper at the conference)

Research Interests:

Spatial Reasoning, Graphics, Robotics, Vision & Parallel Algorithms

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