Father/son of computer science Gary & Dylan Warren

Like father, like son

Like father, like son

Gary and Dylan Warren study computer science side-by-side

A career in commercial refrigeration repair and distribution paved the way for undergraduate CS student Gary Warren to enroll at Missouri S&T at a stage in life when many count the days until retirement. His midlife example has led Gary’s son Dylan to the department as well, making for a father-son fixture around the Computer Science Building.

For Gary, 51, enrolling at S&T in the summer of 2014 is the culmination of a lifelong desire that got sidetracked by his work and familial responsibilities. Now on track to receive his bachelor of computer science in May, Warren plans to continue his education as an S&T graduate, either in comp sci or engineering management.

“Through the years, I always wished I had that opportunity, but growing and building my business, I never did,” says the owner of Warren Service Industries, a business in nearby Lebanon, Missouri that he still operates while in school. “I was able to fill that bucket list deal and at the same time be an inspiration for Dylan.”

As an undergraduate research assistant for Professor Sanjay Madria and doctoral student Katrina Ward, Gary has pursued an interest in big data, machine learning and data analytics.  Outside of class, he’s been an officer and game developer for the campus chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery’s SIG-Game, a special interest group that develops and hosts artificial intelligence gaming competitions on campus

Dylan Warren, now in his third year at S&T, came to the department in hopes of an eventual career as a video game designer. His focus has since shifted to AI and cybersecurity. He works as an assistant to associate teaching professor Clayton Price, and leveraged his S&T experience into a 2017 summer internship with IntelliFarms, a company south of Kansas City that helps farmer incorporate big data into their operations.

“Seeing how hard he works is very inspiring,” Dylan says. “Every day he goes out and works hard.”

Dylan spent his high school years in Dublin, Ireland, an experience that has led him and his father to plan annual summer vacations to Europe. This summer, the pair are headed to Greece, where Gary plans to scuba dive.