A Letter from the Department Chair

Dr. George Markowsky

Welcome to S&T’s department of computer science website! We are very proud of the many accomplishments of our students, faculty, and staff, many of which are described on this website. We invite you to explore the very many interesting activities described here, and for more information either contact the individuals who performed the work or contact the department of computer science at csdept@mst.edu.

While computer science is regarded as a relatively new discipline, the need for computing of some sort is quite old, and predates the appearance of the ancient great civilizations. We are reminded of the importance of computing to humanity by the nearby presence of S&T’s very own Stonehenge Replica. Stonehenge, an ancient astronomical computer, came first to life nearly 5,000 years ago and provided people with important information about seasons. Here at S&T, we continue in this wonderful tradition of pushing the frontier in computation by pursuing research that has significant impact on society and work hard to ensure that our degree and certificate programs feature outstanding teaching and present cutting edge material to our students.

S&T’s department of computer science provides an outstanding education at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. A rich variety of student groups provide exciting extracurricular activities for our students to engage in.  Our graduates feel that their experiences at S&T prepare them well for the future, and many fondly recall the very friendly and close environment that they found at S&T’s department of computer science.


Dr. George Markowsky
Department Chair
Department of Computer Science