Your career in computer science

From the operating software we use on a daily basis to the security of our critical infrastructures, computer scientists develop ways to solve problems, process information, and secure our future. Computer programmers harness the technology of our world, making computers continually innovative and limitlessly functional.

Computer Science is the development of algorithms to solve real-world problems in a mechanized way. Computer scientists write programs to control computer systems and work on applications that use computers. They develop video games, systems, and controllers. They also work in data security, internet networking, bioinformatics, and artificial intelligence.

Where do computer scientists work?

Graduates in computer science can work as database administrators for virtually any technological corporation, develop cutting-edge applications for mobile devices, automate manufacturing processes, or generate an interface for astronauts to monitor conditions on the International Space Station.

The average starting salary for S&T computer science grads is $66,571.