Advanced Networking and Cyber-Physical Systems Lab


A cyber-physical system features a seamless integration of and coordination between computational, networking, and physical subsystems. Wireless sensor-actuator networks (WSANs) represent a new frontier of communication technology for cyber-physical systems in many important application domains such as process control, smart manufacturing, energy, and enterprise data center management. These networked embedded systems face significant challenges that stem from the stringent requirements on real-time communication between sensors, controller, and actuators. Moreover, the close coupling between control and communication motivates a cyber-physical co-design approach for enhanced performance of a WSAN. Our research focuses on addressing these challenges, and concerns cyber-physical systems with contributions spanning real-time systems, embedded systems, wireless sensor networks, and parallel and distributed computing.

The Advanced Networking Lab investigates machine learning techniques to integrate social behavioral science models into the design and control of cyber-physical-human systems. We are also studying the vulnerabilities of interdependent cyber-physical systems, with particular emphasis on the Smart Grid. Furthermore, we are investigating the multi-disciplinary problem of using unmanned aerial vehicles to monitor the effects of climate change in large-scale crop fields and in homeland security scenarios.

Current Lab Faculty Researchers

  • Abusayeed Saifullah (Lab co-director)
  • Simone Silvestri (Lab co-director)

Current Projects

  • SNOW: Sensor Network over White Spaces
  • Real-time wireless sensor-actuator networks
  • Large-scale wireless control network design
  • Integration of Social Behavioral Modeling for Smart Environments to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Smart Cities
  • Autonomous Monitoring of Large Scale Agricultural Plants Through Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Cyber-Physical Systems Securing Smart Grid by Understanding Communications Infrastructure Dependencies
  • SPSG4936 Hybrid sensor networks for emergency critical scenarios

Current Funding Sources

  • National Science Foundation (NSF)
  • NATO Science For Peace and Security

Research Highlights

  • S&T researchers study crops from the air with UAVs [read more »]
  • Researchers study plant DNA changes from sky [read more »]