Opportunities for undergraduate research

The computer science department provides several opportunities for undergraduate students to participate in out-of-classroom learning experiences involving investigations on new technology development, problem-solving, invention and discovery.

"Securing Data Using Multi-layered Database Approach"

Project head: Dr. Sanjay Madria

Project description: Building a multi-layered database model (MLDB). The intelligent and secure query answering approach is to feed the information progressively using different layers of comparatively unsecured mutated data. Queries can be answered efficiently and intelligently using the one or multiple layers in MLDB having different security and access restrictions; lowest layer being highly secured. This avoids the communication bottleneck by abstracting information into multiple layers and providing different levels and quality of data depending on the query, user profile and mobile constraints.

Proposed budget: $500,000.

"Opportunities for Undergraduate Research (OURE)"

Project head: Dr. Daniel St. Clair

Proposed budget: $250,000

"Local search optimization of FACTS device placement for improving the national power grid"

Project head: Dr. Daniel Tauritz

Project description: Local search algorithms gleaned from the field of Artificial Intelligence such as Simulated Annealing and Local Beam Search will be applied to the placement of FACTS devices on a simulation of a power grid in order to find the placement which minimizes the number of overloaded lines averaged over all possible single-line contingencies.

Proposed budget: $200,000

"Computer Network Status and Vulnerability Assessment & Visualization Tool Development"

Project head: Dr. Daniel Tauritz

Project description: Improve campus computer network security by providing Missouri S&T's IT department with sophisticated network visualization tools and automated computer vulnerability assessment software.

Proposed budget: $200,000