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Association for Computing Machinery Student chapter of the ACM. Organized in 1962 as the second chapter of its kind in the country. The purpose of this active student organization is to provide information on the science and art of information processing, including the views of prominent speakers, on many different computer science-oriented topics. Topics of discussion at meetings include the study, design, development, and application of modern technology, computing techniques, and appropriate languages for general information processing, storage, retrieval, transmission/communication, and processing data of all kinds. Membership is available to any student interested in the organizations activities, becoming involved in numerous campus computing activities, and sponsoring several informal social events each year.In 1981, the Missouri S&T Programming Team placed first in a field of ten teams at the site and first in a field of sixty teams in the Mid-Central Regional Programming Contest. ACM happenings
ACM Special Interest Groups (SIG)
Association for Computing Machinery, Special Interest Group  Competition
Association for Computing Machinery, Special Interest Group  SIG-Game & MegaMiner –SIG-Game is a student operated software development organization. Each semester we develop a unique game aimed at AI vs AI gameplay, and launch it at the MegaMinerAI competition. There we invite students, alumni, employers, and anyone interested to compete for 24 hours to see who can code the best AI!
Association for Computing Machinery, Special Interest Group  Security Student group focused on computer and network security. SIG Sec meetings are bi-weekly, featuring a wide variety of speakers on topics ranging from software vulnerabilities and real-world tools, to security projects and research. The group also works on its own security projects, such as building antennas (antennas made from soup, coffee or Pringles cans that increase the gain of wireless cards), wireless auditing (mapping open wireless access points so we can inform the owners), security auditing of student computers, and red team versus blue team competition (controlled environment competition where each team defends their server from the attacks/attempted entry of the other team).
 Association for Computing Machinery, Special Interest Group  Data
 Association for Computing Machinery, Special Interest Group  Hack
 ‌ Association for Computing Machinery-Women Association that celebrates, informs and supports women in computing, and works with the ACM-W community of computer scientists, educators, employers and policy makers to improve working and learning environments for women.  ACM-W happenings
  Upsilon Pi Epsilon Upsilon Pi Epsilon is the international computer science honor society. Missouri S&T has had a chapter since 1973. Each semester outstanding undergraduate and graduate students are invited to join. Members of the student chapter provide instruction for Boy Scout Merit Badge testing. From 1977-79, the National President of UPE was a Missouri S&T faculty member.

Professional Organization

  Computing Research Association – Association of more than 200 North American academic departments of computer science, computer engineering, and related fields; laboratories and centers in industry, government, and academia engaging in basic computing research; and affiliated professional societies. List of national membership organizations

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