Computer Science Golden Jubilee

Celebrating 50 Years of Computer Science Excellence
Academic Year 2015-2016

Missouri S&T was one of the first universities in the nation to offer computer science instruction – computer classes were offered by both the Math and Electrical Engineering departments in the early 1960s.  A Masters of Science degree in Computer Science was authorized by the university in 1964.  Two students, Larry Clark and Robert DeLozier, were the very first graduates to earn that degree in 1965, and thousands more have graduated since.  Today, Computer Science is the second most popular major at the university (after Mechanical Engineering), and that’s not even counting the enrollment in related fields such as computer engineering and information technology.  Moreover, computing technologies are now the fabric of everyday life.

“Professor Ralph Lee in Harris Hall, who are the others and what is the computer?”
First Computer Science Doctorate Student Oct 1977 UMR Alumnus "Patricia McAdams, our first Ph.D. graduate"
Here's a pic from 1993 of a group who received a grant from an Intel Multi-Computer. Pictured (left to right): Dr. Bruce McMillin, Lenore Mullin, Dr. Arlan DeKock, Dr. Fikret Ercal and Dr. Ralph Wilkerson
Grace Hopper Letter and Newspaper Clipping
Bill Gillett & Tom Biard
Bill Gillett & Tom Baird
1983 UMR leads state in producing CS grads
Off Campus Students Direct Dial Computer
"Whoa, dialin access in 1972! Some may notice junior assistant professor Arlan Dekock at the keyboard."
Nuclear Reactor
"After our Hiatus on TBT, we return with a Campus photo. Many of you walked by the reactor during your time at MSM/UMR/S&T, maybe wondering how long it had been there; here it is in 1961, looking much the same as it does today"

So it’s high time for a celebration!

Not just a department celebration or a college celebration, but a university-wide celebration.  Not just a celebration for students and faculty, but a celebration that includes alumni, industry and government partners, and the local community.  Not just a celebration for a day, but one that begins now and continues throughout the 2015-16 academic year with opportunities for both in-person and virtual participation.  Read the overview and the summary of 2015 Homecoming Events.  Be sure to check out the other navigation links to find out what else is planned throughout the year and how you can join the party!

Highlights from Golden Jubilee

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