Computer Science Golden Jubilee

Contacts and Sponsors

Planning and implementation of the Computer Science Golden Jubilee celebration is being led by the Computer Science Department in partnership with the Academy of Computer Science, an elected group of alumni who provide strategic guidance to the Computer Science department.  Please contact any of the following with questions or comments about Golden Jubilee activities.

Pam Leitterman
Co-chair, Golden Jubilee Committee
President Academy of Computer Science

Dr. Bruce McMillin
Co-chair Golden Jubilee Committee
Associate Dean of the College of Engineering and Computing
Professor of Computer Science

‌Rhonda Grayson
Administrative Assistant
Computer Science Department

Special emails have been set up for selected information.

Help contribute to the Golden Jubilee Celebration by submitting your stories and photographs for publication by sending email to . Remember to include your full name, major, and year of graduation with your submissions. Your stories and pictures will appear in our Blog and/or Photo Gallery.

Tributes, memories, and photos specifically in honor of Dr. Arlan DeKock should be emailed to by September 22.

For information about how to donate computer artifacts for the Golden Jubilee, please contact

If you are an alum, and would like to help personally contact other alumni -- Math, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or others -- about the Golden Jubilee Celebration, please let us know..  We’ll send you information on how to do this.  General offers of help are also appreciated as there are often tasks that can be done remotely.   Send a message to


The Golden Jubilee Committee gratefully acknowledges the financial sponsorship of the following organizations, companies and individuals. This sponsorship helps fund student participation in Golden Jubilee events, such as prizes for competitions and attendance of students at related banquets. Sponsorship also helps defray other costs associated with the Golden Jubilee, such as mementors, speaker travel expenses, etc. To make a donation go to, and click Give Now. Then choose "other" for the designation, and type in: "Computer Science Golden Jubilee."


The Academy of Computer Science



Ray Ernst