Ken Brenneke


About Ken Brenneke

Ken has over 29 years of broad-based experience in Information Systems Technologies. He has worked with numerous types of mainframes, minicomputers, and microcomputers over the years. He has performed in a variety of information technology roles: information systems architecture, database design, computer hardware maintenance, systems operations, web implementation, information system project management, management, systems analysis, systems programming, and operating system design. He has implemented a wide variety of applications on many different platforms using different programming languages and development environments.  He is a true ‘versatilist’ to use today’s vernacular.Ken graduated with a BS in Computer Science from Missouri S&T in 1978 and completed and MBA from Fontbonne University in 1999.  He spent 4 years with Texas Instruments in the Government Support Systems area before joining McDonnell-Douglas in 1982 (which merged with The Boeing Company in 1996).  Ken’s career has involved all aspects of Information Technology from application development supervision and project management to technical definition of key aspects of the Boeing Technical direction and architecture.