Alex Kent

Los Alamos National Laboratory

About Alex Kent

Dr. Alexander (Alex) Kent is a senior research scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). His work is primarily focused on applied cyber security research, including complex data analysis, dynamic graph constructs, trust models, and network authentication systems. Prior to returning to research, Alex was the program manager responsible for LANL’s non-Department of Energy cyber security work and the director/creator of LANL’s Advanced Computing Solutions (ACS) organization, centered on solving current and forward-looking cyber security problems with a cross-disciplinary and applied R&D emphasis.  Before founding ACS, as deputy division director over LANL’s computing, telecommunications and networking organization, Alex was responsible for overseeing the Laboratory’s site-wide classified and unclassified IT environments, services, and operational security. He has been a member of the technical staff at LANL since 1997 and is also an adjunct staff researcher with the Institute for Defense Analysis at the Center for Computing Sciences in Bowie, Maryland.  Alex has led and developed a number of high-impact, successful cyber security projects; received three distinguished performance citations; holds a patent in network authentication modification with another patent pending related to cyber graph analysis; and has published and been an invited speaker on a variety of cyber security topics. He holds BS, MS, and PhD degrees in Computer Science from the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology and an executive MBA from the University of New Mexico. Alex resides in Los Alamos, New Mexico with his wife and children.