Chaman Sabharwal


Computer Science Department

Selected Publications

Sabharwal, Chaman L. “An Adaptive Algorithm Optimizing Features in PCA , SVD, and MDS,.” Mexican Journal of Artificial Intelligence,  Polibits, Volume 56, (2017): pp.1–10.

Sabharwal, Chaman L. “An Elegant Intuitive Algorithm for Rotation about a Mobile Axis.” International Journal of Trend in Research and Development, 4 (2017): pp.28–33.

Sabharwal, Chaman L. “An SVD-Entropy and Bilinearity Based  Product Ranking Algorithm Using Heterogeneous Data,.” Journal of Visual Languages & Computing Volume 41, (2017): Pages 133–141.

Research Interests:

Spatial Reasoning, Graphics, Robotics, Vision & Parallel Algorithms

Personal Website: