Jennifer Leopold

Associate Professor

Computer Science Department

My research interests range broadly in end-user programming environments, with particular focus on database accessibility and analysis, and scientific visualization. I have pursued those interests through research projects in the field of bioinformatics, wherein the end-users are scientists (untrained as programmers or IT professionals) who need to analyze large quantities of complex data. In particular, I have been interested in developing and studying the use of software tools that will allow such end-users to use powerful information technology to enhance their research, without the need for traditional programming training.

Selected Publications

Abedijaberi, Armita, Nathan Eloe, and Jennifer Lynn Leopold. “Interactive Visualization of Robustness Enhancement in Scale-Free Networks with Limited Edge Addition (RENEA).” 34–42, 2017.

Das, Sima, Jennifer Lynn Leopold, Susmita Ghosh, and Sajal Das. “Graph Compaction in Analyzing Large Scale Online Social Networks,” 2017.

Research Interests:

Qualitative Spatial Reasoning, Programming Languages, Scientific Visualization, Ontologies, Database Accessessibility and Analysis.

Personal Website: