Maggie Cheng

Associate Professor

Computer Science Department

I am lucky to work in an area that is related to everyone's daily experience---computer networks. When the Internet is mature enough to connect every home and office in the world and host millions of e-business, wireless networks that eliminate the hurdle of wiring yet provide convenient connectivity and sensor networks that bridge the physical work to the Internet become more and more desirable. With the increasing popularity of wireless devices in people's everyday life, ubiquitous computing is not far from the horizon. It is exciting to live in a world of fully connected devices, so efficient and so convenient to use. Imagine what is like to live in a home that is equipped with devices capable of wireless communication. The sensors automatically detect that you are home and communicate to the central control unit that starts lights and your favorite music; when you are away, the sensors and other wireless devices automatically guard your home and report intruding, fire and flooding.

Selected Publications


Maggie X. Cheng, Quanmin Ye, Lin Cai, “Cross-Layer Schemes for Reducing Delay in Multihop Wireless Networks”, IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, 2013, 12(2), pp. 928-937.

Conference Proceedings

Maggie X. Cheng, Quanmin Ye, “Characterization and Visualization of Sophisticated Scanning Attacks”, IEEE ICC 2013.

Maggie X. Cheng, Quanmin Ye, X. Cheng, “Simultaneous Routing and Multiplexing in Ad Hoc Networks with MIMO Links”, IEEE ICC 2013.

Maggie X. Cheng, Quanmin Ye, Robert F. Erbacher, “Visualizing Graph Features for Fast Port Scan Detection”, CSIIRW 2013.

Maggie X. Cheng, Mariesa Crow, Robert F. Erbacher, “Vulnerability Analysis of a Smart Grid with Monitoring and Control System”, CSIIRW 2013.

Maggie X. Cheng, Quanmin Ye, “A Combinatorial Solution for Scheduling Spatial Multiplexing in MIMO-Based Ad Hoc Networks”, IEEE Globecom 2012, MIMOCR workshop.

Maggie X. Cheng, Quanmin Ye, “Transmission Scheduling Based on a New Conflict Graph Model for Multicast in Multihop Wireless Networks”, IEEE Globecom 2012.

Recent Grants

National Science Foundation (NSF), “Computationally Efficient Solvers for Power System Simulation”, 08/01/2013 - 07/31/2016 (Co-PI). 

National University Transportation Center (NUTC), “A Pilot Study on Diagnostic Sensor Network for Structure Health Monitoring”, 08/16/2012 - 05/15/2013 (PI).

University of Missouri Research Board (UMRB), “Throughput and Delay Modeling & Optimization in MIMO-based Wireless Mesh Networks”, 05/16/2011-05/15/2013 (PI).

Research Interests:

Wireless Networks, Network Data Analysis, Big Data Analytics (Algorithms Aspect).

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