Daniel St Clair Faculty Fellows Department of Computer Science Missouri S&T


The field of ‘Computing’ is pervasive in every sphere of our daily lives and provides tremendous opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration. Although computer science and IT enrollment is exploding nationwide, a huge shortfall of skilled workforce is projected by 2018 when the graduation rate will be able to meet merely less than 50% of job demands. Such exponential growth is also leading to another challenge – recruitment and retention of high quality faculty. Recognizing this challenge, Missouri S&T’s Computer Science Department in her Golden Jubilee year 2015 decided to strategically invest in supporting outstanding Assistant and Associate Professors through a newly created Faculty Excellence Award Program made possible by funds from the Daniel St. Clair Endowed Chair position. The recipients, titled as Daniel St. Clair Faculty Fellows, will be provided $10K annual discretionary funds over a two-year award period during which only the selected faculty will retain the title and its benefits. Up to two awards will be given in the same cycle if high quality applications are identified by the selection committee.


Daniel St Clair Faculty Fellows must be a rising star – either an Assistant Professor in years 3-6 after appointment at Missouri S&T, or an Associate Professor within the past 4 years of tenure or promotion.

Application and Selection Process

  • Applications are due to the Computer Science Chair by June 15 in the odd-numbered year. Applications may be nominated by any full-time faculty member in the department; self-nomination is also allowed.
  • All applications will be reviewed by a Selection Committee consisting of three members: the Daniel St. Endowed Chair holder, a representative of the S&T’s Computer Science Academy, and a representative of the Dean of College of Engineering and Computing.
  • The award recipients will be announced by July 15 and the appointment will commence at the start of the fall semester of the following academic year.
  • An application package shall consist of (i) the candidate’s current CV, and (ii) a statement of no more than two pages outlining recent accomplishments in proposed research and innovation, proposed use of funds, and how the funds will enhance the growth and reputation of the applicant’s scholarly program.

Use of Funds

The funds provided to the Daniel St Clair Faculty Fellows cannot be used to augment salary nor to match salary raise. Possible use of funds includes supporting:

  • Graduate and undergraduate research assistants, and visiting research collaborators;
  • Equipment to support campus-based research program;
  • Conference travel by Faculty Fellows and their students.

Reporting Requirement:

Within three months after completion of Faculty Excellence Award Program, a detailed accomplishment report must be submitted to the Computer Science Chair.