The mission of the CReWMaN Lab is to conduct innovative research in networking (core, wireless, sensors), mobile and pervasive computing, distributed and grid computing, privacy and security, biological networks, and social networks. This is accomplished by creating a stimulating learning environment through teaching, research, mentoring and service excellence, with focus on teaching cutting-edge courses and establish multi-disciplinary collaborations.

CReWMaN Lab is founded and directed by Prof. Sajal K. Das. Research areas at CReWMaN span all aspects of computer and communication networking and beyond, including core and wireless and sensor networks, mobile and pervasive computing, cloud computing, cyber-physical systems, smart environments, privacy and security, social and biological networks, to name a few. CReWMaN lab offers extensive research experience for Undergraduates (REUs) Funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF).


  IEEE WOWMOM 2020 revised dates:

   **** AUGUST 31 - SEPTEMBER 03, 2020 - CORK, IRELAND **** 

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