About Our Department

Computer science is the second most popular major at Missouri S&T (after mechanical engineering), and that's not even counting the enrollment in related fields such as computer engineering and information technology. Moreover, computing technologies are now the fabric of everyday life.

The computer science department has awarded over 2,100 bachelor of science degrees and 1,100 master of science degrees. Department faculty have also directed dissertations for over 70 Ph.D. degrees. Computer science graduates work as database administrators for a variety of technological corporations, develop cutting-edge applications for mobile devices, automate manufacturing processes, and have even generated an interface for astronauts to monitor conditions on the International Space Station.

History of computer science at Missouri S&T

Missouri S&T was one of the first universities in the nation to offer computer science instruction – computer classes were offered by both the math and electrical engineering departments in the early 1960s. A Masters of Science degree in Computer Science was authorized by the university in 1964. Two students, Larry Clark and Robert DeLozier, were the very first graduates to earn that degree in 1965, and thousands more have graduated since.