Graduate degrees and certificates

The Computer Science Department offers a Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy, as well as a number of graduate certificates.

If you are a graduate student or are interested in becoming a graduate student, here is our Orientation Presentation. It outlines the general requirements and path that a graduate student will take.

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Graduate Student Forms and Deadlines

Master of Science

The majority of your time will be spent doing advanced research in one of the computer science department faculty members.

Doctor of Philosophy

This program requires a strong knowledge of algorithms and data structures, computer organization/architecture, database and file structures, discrete mathematics and automata, operating systems, and software engineering.

Graduate Certificates

These courses provide you with the latest knowledge and skills in strategic areas of computing. Most courses are offers via distance education and taught by experts in their field.

New Summer Online Course Offerings

  • Instructor: Dr. Jennifer Leopold
  • When: MTWRF 1:30pm-3:40pm July 1st-July 31st 
  • Available for Enrollment Soon

In this course you will learn how to use networks to model and analyze relationships between people, artifacts, and ideas. Analyses will include identification of both communities and key individuals, and the modeling of diffusion processes such as in the spread of diseases. Methods will be practiced in programming assignments using Python or R.  Prerequisite: C or better in CS 2500

  • Instructor: Perry Koob
  • When: MTWRF 12pm-1pm

The key objectives of this course are two-fold: (1) to teach the fundamental concepts of data mining and (2) to provide extensive hands-on experience in applying the concepts to real-world applications. The core topics to be covered in this course include classification, clustering, association analysis, data preprocessing, and outlier/novelty detection. Prerequisites: A grade of "C" or better in all of Comp Sci 2300, Comp Sci 2500, and one of Stat 3113, Stat 3115, Stat 3117 or Stat 5643.

Research opportunities

As a graduate student, you’ll do research alongside expert computer science faculty in the areas of distributed embedded systems, machine learning, data mining, and software engineering. Or you can choose the interdisciplinary route, doing research beside faculty in various engineering disciplines. In fact, compsci graduate students often work in large group settings with faculty from departments across campus, examining advanced research problems in bioinformatics, homeland security, embedded systems, and virtual reality. Cooperation between students and faculty at this advanced level is a hallmark of the computer science research program.