Faculty publications

Sajal Das

Roy, Nirmalya, Christine Julien, and Sajal K. Das. “Resource-Optimized Ambiguous Context Mediation for Smart Healthcare” (n.d.).

Ghosh, Preetam, Samik Ghosh, Kalyan Basu, Sajal Das, and Simon Daefler. “Transient Analysis of Diffusion for Charged Molecules to Model the Input Process in a Stochastic Event Based Simulation Framework for the PhoPQ Signal Transduction System” (n.d.).

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Yanjie Fu

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Jennifer Leopold

Abedijaberi, Armita, Nathan Eloe, and Jennifer Lynn Leopold. “Interactive Visualization of Robustness Enhancement in Scale-Free Networks with Limited Edge Addition (RENEA).” 34–42, 2017.

Das, Sima, Jennifer Lynn Leopold, Susmita Ghosh, and Sajal Das. “Graph Compaction in Analyzing Large Scale Online Social Networks,” 2017.

Sanjay Madria

Kumar, Shashank, Sanjay Madria, and Mark Linderman. “M-Grid: A Distributed Framework for Multidimensional Indexing and Querying of Location Based Data.” Distributed and Parallel Databases 35, no. 1 (2017): 55–81.

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Bruce McMillin

Roth, T., and B. McMillin. “Physical Attestation in the Smart Grid for Distributed State Verification.” IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing 15, no. 2 (March 2018): 275–288.

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Venkata Sriram Siddhardh Nadendla

V. Sriram Siddhardh Nadendla, Cedric Langbort, Tamer Basar, “On the Effects of Subjective Biases on Strategic Information Transmission between Human Agents,” Submitted to IEEE Transactions on Communications (Accepted).

Chaman Sabharwal

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DAniel TAuritz

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Zhaozheng Yin


Li, Mingzhong, and Zhaozheng Yin. “Debugging Object Tracking by a Recommender System with Correction Propagation.” IEEE Transaction on Big Data 3 (2017): 429–442.

Thandu, Srinivas, Pratool Bharti, Sriram Chellappan, and Zhaozheng Yin. “Leveraging Multi-Modal Smartphone Sensors for Ranging and Estimating the Intensity of Explosion Events.” Pervasive and Mobile Computing 40 (2017): 185–204.

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Ferral, Nolan, Kyara Holloway, Mingzhong Li, Zhaozheng Yin, and Chen Hou. “Heterogeneous Activity Causes a Nonlinear Increase in the Group Energy Use of Ant Workers Isolated from Their Social Environment.” Insect Science (2017).

Conference Proceeding

Mao, Yunxiang, and Zhaozheng Yin. “Two-Stream Bidirectional Long Short-Term Memory for Mitosis Event Detection and Stage Localization in Phase-Contrast Microscopy Images,” 2017.

Han, Liang, and Zhaozheng Yin. “Refocusing Phase Contrast Microscopy Images,” 2017.

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