Ph.D. dissertations


Yunxiang Mao

Dissertation: Detecting Cells and Analyzing their Behaviors in Microscopy Images using Deep Neural Networks

Major Professor: Zhaozheng Yin

Amita Abedijaberi

Dissertation: Mining and Analysis of Real-World Graphs

Major Professor: Jennifer Leopold

Armartya Sen

Dissertation: Security Risk Assessment in Cloud Computing Domains

Major Professor: Sanjay Madria

Wenchao Jiang

Dissertation: Fusion of non-Visual and Visual Sensors for Human Tracking

Major Professor: Zhaozheng Yin

Yi Ling

Dissertation: Real-Time Analysis of Data Streams for Attack Detection and Localization in Wireless Ad Hoc Network

Major Professor: Maggie Cheng

Sima Das

Dissertation: Efficient Algorithms for Analyzing Large Scale Network Dynamics: Centrality, Community and Predictability

Major Professor: Sajal Das

Stephen Jackson

Dissertation: Models of Leader Elections and their Applications

Major Professor: Bruce McMillin

Sandia National Labatories

Mingzhong Li

Dissertation: Detecting, Segmenting and Tracking Bio-medical Objects

Major Professor: Zhaozheng Yin


Srinivas Chakravarthi Thandu

Dissertation: Algorithms Leveraging Smartphone Sensing for Analyzing Explosion Events

Major Professor: Zhaozheng Yin

Object Computing Inc.

Francesco Restuccia

Dissertation: Mechanisms for Improving Information Quality in Smartphone Crowdsensing Systems

Major Professor: Sajal Das


Yousef M. Elmehdwi

Dissertation: Privacy-Preserving Query Processing over Encrypted Data in Cloud

Major Professor: Wei Jiang


Li Feng

Dissertation: Quantification of Information Flow in Cyber Physical System

Major Professor: Bruce McMillin

Post-Doc at Missouri S&T


Kenneth K. Fletcher

Dissertation: Methods and Algorithms for Service Selection and Recommendation

Major Professor: Frank Liu



Dissertation: Privacy-Preserving Power Usage Control in Smart Grid

Major Professor: Wei Jiang


Thomas Roth

Dissertation: Distributed State Verification in the Smart Grid using Physical Attestation

Major Professor: Bruce McMillin


Feng Li

Dissertation: Efficient Cryptographic primitives: Secure Comparison, Binary Decomposition, and Proxy Re-Encryption

Major Professor: Wei Jiang


Brijesh Kashyap Chejerla

Dissertation: Information Fusion in Wireless Sensor Networks and Cloud Assisted Cyber Physical Systems

Major Professor: Sanjay Madria

Data Scientist at Hendrick Motorsports


Nathan W. Eloe

Dissertation: VRCC-3D+: Qualitative Spatial and Temporal Reasoning in Three Dimensions

Major Professor: Jennifer Leopold

Assistant Professor at Northwest Missouri State University


Lasanthi Heendaliya

Dissertation: Enabling Near-Term Prediction of Status for Intelligent Transportation Systems: Management Techniques for Data on Mobile Objects

Major Professors: Ali Hurson & Dan Lin

Adjunct Professor at University of Missouri Saint Louis


Raj, Mayank

Dissertation: Energy-Aware and Privacy Preserving Protocols for Ad Hoc Networks with Applications to Disaster Management

Major Professor: Sajal Das

Staff Software Engineer at IBM


Gurung, Sashi

Dissertation: Privacy and Trust Management in Moving Object Environments

Major Professor: Dan Lin

Software Engineer at Educational Networks, Inc.


Szalapski, Thomas

Dissertation: Energy Efficient and Latency Aware Adaptive Compression in Wireless Sensor Networks

Major Professor: Sanjay Madria

Software Engineer at Google


Kumar, Vimal

Dissertation: Energy Efficient Security and Privacy Management in Sensor Clouds

Major Professor: Sanjay Madria

Lecture at University of Waikato


Wagner, C. Shaun

Dissertation: Design and Effects of User Behavior Prediction Relative to Search Engine Accuracy and Information

Major Professor:Ali Hurson

IT Manager at Greenville Health System & Adjunct Professor at University of South Caolina Upstate


Ye, Quanmin
Dissertation: Cross-Layer Schemes for Performance Optimization in Wireless Networks
Major Professor: Maggie Cheng

Senior Research Engineer at Nokia Networks


Snyder, Mark

Dissertation: Foundations of Coverage Algorithms in Autonomic Mobile Networks

Major Professor: Sriram Chellappan

Sr. Software Development Manager at Author-it Software Corporation


Howser, Gerry W.

Dissertation:  Multiple Security Domains Nondeducibility in Cyber-Physical Systems

Major Professor: Bruce McMillin

Visiting Assistant Professor at Kalamazoo College


Arvapally, Ravi Santosh

Dissertation: Polarization and Opinion Analysis in an Online Argumentation System for Collaborative Decision Support

Major Professor: Frank Liu

Data Scientist at MasterCard


Samanthula, Bharath Kumar

Dissertation: Privacy-Preserving Friend Recommendations in Online Social Networks

Major Professor: Wei Jiang

Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, Montclair State University


Dutta, Neelanjana

Dissertation: Location Based Services in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

Major Professor: Sriram Chellappan

Software R&D - Teradata Labs


Nerella, Venkata Krishna Suhas

Dissertation: Exploring Run-Time Reduction in Programming Codes Via Query Optimization and Caching

Major Professor: Sanjay Madria

Software Engineer II at Pros


Cabaniss, Roy

Dissertation: Social-Context Based Routing in Delay Tolerant Networks

Major Professor: Sajay Madria

Network Security Software Engineer at LGS Innovations


Akella, Ravi Chandra

Dissertation: Verification of Information Flow Security in Cyber-Physical Systems

Major Professor:  Bruce McMillin

Software Researcher at DENSO Silicon Valley


Wilkerson, Joshua

Dissertation: Evolutionary Computing Driven Search Based Software Testing and Correction

Major Professor: Daniel Tauritz

Computer Scientist at Naval Air Systems Command



Gamage, Thoshitha

Disstertation: CEEME: Compensating Events based EM Enforcement for Cyber-Physical Systems

Major Professor: Bruce McMillin

Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville


Gong, Xuan

Dissertation: Cross-Layer Design for Network Performance Optimization in Wireless Networks

Major Professor: Maggie Cheng

MTS at Hortonworks | Hadoop Committer and PMC at ASF


Viyanon, Waraporn,

Dissertation: Structure and Content Semantic Similarity Detection of XML Documents using Keys

Major Professor: Sanjay Madria


Lee, Leong

Dissertation: Protein Secondary Structure Prediction Using Blast and Relaxed Threshold Rule Induction from Coverings

Major Professor: Jennifer Leopold

Associate Professor at Austin Peay State University


Kandoth, Cyriac

Dissertation: Computational Methods for the Discovery and Analysis of Genes and other Functional DNA Sequences

Major Professor: Fikret Ercal

Co-founder, Massive Bio, Inc., New York & Senior Computational Biologist, MSKCC, New York


Cape, David Andrew

Dissertation: Deadlock Detection and Dihomotopic Reduction VIA Progress Shell Decomposition

Major Professor: Bruce McMillin


Albath, Julia Gerda Maria

Dissertation: Energy Efficient Clustering and Secure Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks

Major Professor: Sanjay Madria

CTO of ClearFiction / Machine Learning Analyst


Holdener, Ekaterina A.

Dissertation: The Art of Parameterless Evolutionary Algorithms

Major Professor: Daniel Tauritz

Product Manager, Exegy Inc


Simsek, Sule

Dissertation: Lattice Matching for Detecting Distributed Intrusions

Major Professor: Ralph Wilkerson


Sun, Yan

Dissertation: Business- Orientaed Software Process Improvement Based on CMM and CMMI using QFD

Major Professor: Xiaoqing Frank Liu




Yin, Jian,

Dissertation: Problems and Solutions for Handling Attacks in Sensor Networks

Major Professor: Sanjay Madria


Siever, William

Dissertation: Power Grid Flow Control Studies and High Speed Simulation

Major Proffesor: Daniel Tauritz

Assistan Professor at Western Illinois Univeristy School of Computer Science


Kalyani, Radha

Dissertation: A Nonlinear Optimization Approach for UPFC Power Flow Control and Voltage Security

Major Professor: Daniel Tauritz


Johnson, Matt David

Dissertation: The Stored Non-Domination Level Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm

Major Professor: Ralph Wilkerson

Software Engineer at Asynchrony Labs, a subsidiary of World Wide Technology, Inc.




Bunyak, Filiz

Dissertation: Moving Object Detection and Tracking for Event-Based Video Analysis

Major Professor Dr. Dagli

Research Assistant Professor at University of Missouri



Teng, Jui-Che

Dissertation: Improving High-Dimensional Indexing for Content-Based Image Retrieval

Major Professor: Dr. Fu


Theses/Dissertations from 1999

An intelligent software design argumentation methodology for capturing and analyzing design rationale from multiple perspectives, Scott L. Sigman

Theses/Dissertations from 1997

GALS: genetic algorithms plus local search to solve the satisfiability problem, Nicole Anne Nemer-Preece

Theses/Dissertations from 1996

Efficient parallel algorithms on reconfigurable mesh architectures, Hsi-Chieh Lee

Parallel fast multipole algorithms for N-Body simulations, Jui-Lin Lu

An automated modular approach to the segmentation and inspection of printed circuit boards, Madhav Moganti

Run time security evaluation for distributed applications, Cristina Serban

A declarative approach to understanding program behavior through program visualization, Aggie Yee-Chun Sun

Theses/Dissertations from 1994

A Connectionist approach to database mining in the computation of group job classifications and task clusters from occupational survey data, Ruth Sue Dare

The Formal description of resource deadlock in distributed systems, Pei-Yu Li

Using temporal subsumption to generate efficient error-detecting distributed algorithms, Martina Schollmeyer

Providing assurance for responsive computing systems, Su-Mei Grace Tsai

Theses/Dissertations from 1993

Genetic algorithms with 3-parent crossover, Lawrence Vincent Edmondson

The design, analysis, and implementation of parallel simulated annealing and parallel genetic algorithms for the composite graph coloring problem, Brent S. Elmer

The interpolating random spline cryptosystem and the chaotic-map public-key cryptosystem, Fengi Hwu

The difficulty of approximating the chromatic number for random composite graphs, Jeffrey W. Jenness

Fault-tolerant ring embeddings in hypercubes: a reconfigurable approach, Jun-Lin Liu

Considerations for rapidly converging genetic algorithms designed for application to problems with expensive evaluation functions, Richard Patrick Rankin

Theses/Dissertations from 1992

The software operational requirements specification: a rule-based expert system approach, Ming-Yen Chi

Relaxing synchronization in distributed simulated annealing, Chul-Eui Hong

Fault tolerance in concurrent systems through formal methods, Hanan Lutfiyya

Constrained completion: theory, implementation, and results, Daniel Patrick Murphy

An inferencing language system for automated graphic reasoning, Paul Scarponcini

The management of replicated data, Hsueh-Chi Shih

Theses/Dissertations from 1990

Robot pedagogics: the adaptation, analysis, and computer control of a model manipulator, Edward Telley Hammerand

In search of the optimal adaptive load sharing policy for distributed systems, Yuh-Jong Hu

HIGHLAND: a graph-based parallel processing environment for heterogeneous local area networks, Douglas E. Meyer

Algorithms and probabilistic bounds for the chromatic number of random composite graphs, Jack L. Oakes

Theses/Dissertations from 1989

Graph coloring algorithms on random graphs, Shi-Jen Lin

The directed Steiner problem on graphs: a simulated annealing approach, Lawrence Joseph Osborne

Theses/Dissertations from 1988

Complete sets of reductions modulo A class of equational theories which generate infinite congruence classes, Timothy B. Baird

An integrated programming environment for pseudo-code development, IPE-PC, Nurcan Coskun

The role of term symmetry in E-unification and E-completion, Blayne E. Mayfield

Heuristic coloring algorithms for the composite graph coloring problem, Johnnie Curtis Roberts

A system for the diagnosis of faults using a first principles approach, Barbara A. Smith

Symbolic automation and numerical synthesis for robot kinematics, Jen Sriwattanathamma

Theses/Dissertations from 1987

Aircraft vertical profile implementation using demand driven minimal calculation directed graph methods, Larry T. Brewster

A representation for serial robotic tasks, Barry Ross Fox

Analysis and extensions of the Gradient-Jump method for linear programming models, Louis Dean Gentry

A processor architecture for Turbo Pascal language, Najib Abdel Karim Kofahi

Intensional reasoning about knowledge, Oliver Blagoj Popov

Theses/Dissertations from 1986

A semantic basis for parallel algorithm design, Roger Eggen

Theses/Dissertations from 1985

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MS Thesis

Chokkapu, Vamsi Krishna, 2018, A Caomparative Study of Security Analysis of Various Transactive Energy Management Architectures in Smart Grid - Cyber Physical Systems, MS, (McMillin)

Arefin, Samsil, 2018, Mixed-Criticality Real-Time Task Scheduling with Graceful Degradation, MS, (Guo)

Zhang, Ying, 2018, Scheduling Overhead Analysis on Multi-core System & Probability Based Scheduler for Preventing Execution Pattern Leakage, MS, (Markowsky)

Jaisinghani, Manish, 2018, Multiple Security Domain Non deducibility in the FREEDM Smart Grid Infrastricture, MS, (McMillin)

Jethawa, Himanshu, 2018, Reputation and Credit based Incentive Mechanism for Data-Centric Message Delivery in Delay Tolerant Networks, MS, (Madria)

Luo, Wei, 2018, Solidification Rate Detection by Solid-liquid Interface Tracking, MS, (Yin)

Mardham, Dileep Kumar, 2018, Cloud Transactions and Caching for Improved Performance in Clouds and DTNS, MS, (Madria)

Palaniswamy, Prashanth, 2018, Cyber-Physical Securtiy of an Electric Microgrid, MS, (McMillin)

Patlolla, Sai Sidharth, 2018, An Approach for Formal Analysis of the Security of a Water Treatment Testbed, MS, (McMillin)

Zhang, Ruoxi, 2018, A Network Tomography Approach for Traffic Monitorung in Smart Cities, MS, (Silvestri)

., Sai Sruti, 2018, Precise Energy Efficient Scheduling of Mixed-Criticality Tasks and Sustainability in Mixed-Briticality Scheduling, MS, (Guo)

Angajala, Prabhu Kumar, 2010, Event Detection for Click-through data via Query Clustering, MS, (Madria)

Edgett, Patrick, 2010, Representation and Validation of Domain and Range Restrictions in a Relational Database Driven Ontology Maintenance System, MS, (Leopold)

Fletcher, Kenneth Kofi, 2010, Cloud Security Requirements Analysis and Security Policy Development using HOOMT, MS, (Liu)

Satyavolu, Maithili, 2010, Contribution-Based Priority Assessment in a Web-Based Intelligent Argumentation Network for Collaborative Software Development, MS, (Liu)

Xu, Yibo, 2010, Minimize End-to-End Delay through Cross-Layer Optimization in Multi-hop Wireless Networks, MS, (Cheng)

Vulli, Srinivasa Shivakar, 2010, An Artificial Life Approach to Evolutionary Computation: From Mobile Cellular Algorithms to Artificial Ecosystems, MS, (Madria)

Wanchoo, Rubal, 2010, Intelligent Computational Argumentation for Evaluation Performance Scores in Multi Criteria Decision Making, MS, (Liu)

Routhu, Swathi, 2010, 2-D Path Planning for Direct Laser Deposition Process, MS, (Liu)

Kanakanala, Divya, 2010, Multi Axis Slicing using Rapid Prototyping, MS, (Liu)

Cook, Jason, 2010, Population Control in Evolutionary Algorithms, MS, (Tauritz)

Eads, Joshua Michael, 2010, EtherAnnotate: A Transparent Malware Analysis Tool for Integrating Dynamic and Static, MS, (Miller)

Dhruvanarayana, Pavitra, 2010, Dynamic Ant Colony Optimization for Globally Optimizing Consumer Preferences, MS, (Liu)

Nahar, Vikas, 2010, Content Based Image Retrieval for Bio-Medical Images, MS, (Ercal/Stanley)

Bajaj, Rakesh Kumar, 2002, Mechanical Response of Nets of Graphical Objects, MS, (Hilgers)

Reddy, Mereddy Pramodh Kumar, 2000, Dynamic Unsupervised Clustering Algorithm (DUCA) for Sensor Data Fusion, MS, (Rao/Fu)

Chittajallu, Marutikumar, 2000, Event History Clipping in Real Time Systems, MS, (McMillin)

Johnson, Matt David, 2000, Computerized Arrangement of Vocal Music, MS, (Wilkerson)

Fisher, Michael Alton, 2000, A Two Dimensional Graphic Comparison System, MS, (St. Clair)

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