Computer Science PhD Dissertations


Chejerla, Brijesh Kashyap, 2015, Information Fusion in Wireless Sensor Networks and Cloud Assisted Cyber Physical Systems, PhD, (Madria)

Eloe, Nathan W., 2015, VRCC-3D+: Qualitative Spatial and Temporal Reasoning in Three Dimensions, PhD, (Leopold)

Heendaliya, Lasanthi, 2015, Enabling Near-Term Prediction of Status for Intelligent Transportation Systems: Management Techniques for Data on Mobile Objects, PhD, (Hurson/Lin)


Raj, Mayank, 2014, Energy-Aware and Privacy Preserving Protocols for Ad Hoc Networks with Applications to Disaster Management, PhD, (Das)

Gurung, Sashi, 2014, Privacy and Trust Management in Moving Object Environments, PhD, (Lin)

Szalapski, Thomas, 2014, Energy Efficient and Latency Aware Adaptive Compression in Wireless Sensor Networks, PhD, (Madria)

Kumar, Vimal, 2014, Energy Efficient Security and Privacy Management in Sensor Clouds, PhD, (Madria)

Wagner C. Shaun, 2014, Design and Effects of User Behavior Prediction Relative to Search Engine Accuracy and Information, PhD, (Hurson/Sedigh)

Ye, Quanmin, 2014, Cross-Layer Schemes for Performance Optimization in Wireless Networks, PhD, (Cheng)

Snyder, Mark, 2014, Foundations of Coverage Algorithms in Autonomic Mobile Networks, PhD, (Chellappan)

Howser, Gerry W., 2014, Multiple Security Domains Nondeducibility in Cyber-Physical Systems, PhD, (McMillin)


Arvapally, Ravi Santosh, 2013, Polarization and Opinion Analysis in an Online Argumentation System for Collaborative Decision Support, PhD, (Liu)

Samanthula, Bharath Kumar, 2013, Privacy-Preserving Friend Recommendations in Online Social Networks, PhD, (Jiang)

Dutta, Neelanjana, 2013, Location Based Services in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks, PhD, (Chellappan)

Nerella, Venkata Krishna Suhas, 2013, Exploring Run-Time Reduction in Programming Codes Via Query Optimization and Caching, PhD, (Madria)

Cabaniss, Roy, 2013, Social-Context Based Routing in Delay Tolerant Networks, PhD, (Madria)

Akella, Ravi Chandra, 2013, Verification of Information Flow Security in Cyber-Physical Systems, PhD, (McMillin)


Wilkerson, Joshua, 2012, Evolutionary Computing Driven Search Based Software Testing and Correction, PhD, (Tauritz)


Gamage, Thoshitha, 2011, CEEME: Compensating Events based EM Enforcement for Cyber-Physical Systems, PhD, (McMillin)

Gong, Xuan, 2011, Cross-Layer Design for Network Performance Optimization in Wireless Networks, PhD, (Cheng)


Viyanon, Waraporn, 2010, Structure and Content Semantic Similarity Detection of XML Documents using Keys, PhD, (Madria

Lee, Leong, 2010, Protein Secondary Structure Prediction Using Blast and Relaxed Threshold Rule Induction from Coverings, PhD, (Leopold

Kandoth, Cyriac, 2010, Computational Methods for the Discovery and Analysis of Genes and other Functional DNA Sequences, PhD (Ercal

Cape, David Andrew, 2010, Deadlock Detection and Dihomotopic Reduction VIA Progress Shell Decomposition, PhD, (McMillin


Albath, Julia Gerda Maria., 2008, Energy Efficient Clustering and Secure Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks, PhD, (Madria

Holdener, Ekaterina A., 2008, The Art of Parameterless Evolutionary Algorithms, PhD, (Tauritz


Yin, Jian, 2007, Problems and Solutions for Handling Attacks in Sensor Networks, PhD, (Madria

Siever, William, 2007, Power Grid Flow Control Studies and High Speed Simulation, PhD, (Miller/Tauritz

Kalyani, Radha, 2007, A Nonlinear Optimization Approach for UPFC Power Flow Control and Voltage Security, PhD, (Crow/Tauritz

Johnson, Matt David, 2007, The Stored Non-Domination Level Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm, PhD, (Wilkerson/Tauritz


Panja, Biswajit, 2006, A Role Based Hierarchical Sensor Network Architecture to Provide Multilevel Security, PhD, (Madria


Bunyak, Filiz, 2005, Moving Object Detection and Tracking for Event-Based Video Analysis, PhD, (Dagli/Subramanya) 


Shih, Ming-Yi, 2004, A Generalization Based Hybrid Algorithms for Clustering Semi-Structured Data, PhD, (Madria


Teng, Jui-Che, 2002, Improving High-Dimensional Indexing for Content-Based Image Retrieval, PhD, Fu