Computer Vision and Biomedical Imaging Laboratory


The mission of the Computer Vision and Machine Learning Laboratory is for students to gain knowledge in computing technologies and systems that are theoretically-sound and practically-applicable in civilian, military, healthcare and multimedia applications. To that end, we are particularly interested in visual perception, sensor fusion, machine learning methods that can make these technologies as realities. These research activities lead to algorithms and systems capable of understanding objects and their behaviors in biomedical and natural scene images and other signals

Current Lab Faculty Researchers

Current projects

  • Develop a Robotic UAV Platform for Automated Bridge Inspection
  • Developing Active Trackers for Wide-Area Persistent Surveillance
  • Freeway Travel Time Estimation using Existing Fixed Traffic Sensors – A Computer-Vision-Based Vehicle Matching Approach
  • Model-driven Microscopy Image Analysis for Stem Cell Discovery
  • Privacy-protected and Proactive Surveillance
  • Tracking Humans in the Social World by Fusing Heterogeneous Sensor Data

Current funding sources

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