Staff Directory

Teresa Wassilak

Office Support Assistant IV

  • Executive Assistant to the Chair (direct support to department chair)
  • Liaison with Fiscal Center regarding Monthly Account Reconciliations & Fiscal Duties
  • CS Enrollment Management and Admissions
  • Liaison with Office of Registrar, CEC, OSP and other Departments
  • Graduate Admissions and Funding Calculations
    1. Faculty need to send offer requests to CSTask
  • Undergraduate Appointments & ACM Leadership Contact
  • Advancement/Development Initiatives
  • Office and Administrative Support (emphasis on Department Needs)
  • Faculty Meetings and Retreats (Organization and Minutes)
  • Academy and Advisory Board Secretary
    1. Coordinate Events with Chair and Academy President
    2. Work with Staff to Organize/Develop Plans to Execute Events
  • Lead CS Course Scheduling
  • Graders, GTAs, GRAs, GAs, GAANN Fellows Assignments & Processing eForms
    1. Work with Chair, Graduate and Undergraduate Committee Chairs
    2. All Hires must be Approved by Chair (GTA & Graders) and Grant PIs (GRAs)
  • Process Student Tuition and Fee Waivers
  • Office assignments and space committee member
Al Culp

Office Support Assistant IV

  • Undergraduate Secretary (including Experiential Learning, Senior Assessment, Undergrad Forms)
  • Non-PO Vouchers; Process all Non-PO Vouchers for Students and Visitors with OSA IV(A)
  • Process all Travel Reimbursements for Travel Grants/Conference Grants
    1. Work with Faculty (all Requests sent to CSTask
  • Faculty Reimbursements (T&E) with OSA IV A & OSA III as backup
  • Department Accreditations (including ABET, HLM, etc.)
    1. Work with Coordinator and Faculty on Department Accreditations
  • Make all Speaker Arrangements and Process any Reimbursements
    1. Reimbursements need approval from Department Chair
  • Assist with Summer Camps
    1. Work with Faculty in charge of Summer Camps
    2. Purchase Requests sent to CSTask (Check ALL Expense & available Funds)
  • Create and Maintain all Department Publications (Brochures, Pamphlets, Flyers, etc.) with OSA III serving to assist.
    1. Work with responsible Executive Members
  • Minerbytes, with OSA IV (A) as Back-up
    1. Under Executive Committee supervision
    2. Distribute/Work with other Staff (OSA IV A, OSA III)
  • Update Space Allocations Online for Campus Information
  • Maintain Academic Works & Process Scholarship Forms
  • Edit OneCard and assist in Editing Faculty Cards
  • Conduct Computer Science Surveys (such as Taulbee)

Office Support Assistant III

  • Graduate Secretary (including Grad Applications, Grad Forms, GPPC Secretary)
    1. Work with the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies
    2. Work with Coordinator for Graduate Track Pathway Program
  • Organize Campus Visits, Discovery Days, Open Houses
  • Execute Department Events with OSA IV A & B (including Annual Banquets, Advising Week Events, Holiday Events, Graduation Events, etc.)
    1. Work with other Support Staff, team should develop plan to execute delegating tasks
  • Communications Coordinator for Website and Social Media Accounts
  • Assist OSA B with all Department Publications (Brochures, Pamphlets, Flyers, etc.)
  • Make all travel arrangements for candidate interviews & faculty
    1. Work with Hiring Manager and OSA IVs
  • Ordering for Department and Faculty with OSA IV A & B Backup
    1. Staff will update Faculty and Students on the Orders
  • Textbook Orders
  • Maintain CS Capital Equipment Records and work with Physical Facilities on tagging, etc.
  • Other Duties: Filing, Maintain CS Annex, Supplies, Key requests, Department Listing Updates, eEVR reminders
Joni Matlock

Finance and Accounting Specialist


Manage department operating accounts and grants; process staff and student payroll; point of contact for undergraduate students