Bioinformatics Minor Curriculum

“Bioinformatics is the rapidly-developing field that applies computational methods to address biological questions, and includes new advances in computer science, mathematics, and biology. Students entering the field of bioinformatics should have some training in each of these fields.”

The minor is designed for students pursuing a BS who would have the necessary prerequisites for the required courses. Students pursuing a BA may participate if the prerequisites for the required courses are fulfilled. Each department (Biological Sciences, Computer Science, Mathematics) will designate a minor advisor. The student’s minor advisor will be chosen from outside of their major area of study.

Required courses:

  • BIO 1113 General Biology (3 hrs)
  • BIO 2213 Cellular Biology (4 hrs) or BIO 2223 General Genetics (3 hrs)
  • BIO 4323 Molecular Genetics (3 hrs)
  • CMP SC 1570, 1580  Introductory Programming, Introductory Programming Lab (4 hrs)
  • CMP SC 1575 Data Structures I (3 hrs)
  • CMP SC 2300 File Structure and Introduction to Database Systems (3 hrs)
  • BIO 5323 /CMP SC 5789 Bioinformatics (3 hrs) (It is strongly recommended that this course be taken after the other BIO and CMP SC requirements)
  • STAT 5425 Biostatistics (4 hrs) or STAT 5346 Regression Analysis (3 hrs) or STAT 5353 Statistical Data Analysis (3 hrs)
  • One additional course, 2000or above in MATH, or 3000 or above in BIO or CMP SC, outside of the major area of study, and as agreed upon by the minor advisor (3+ hrs)