In response to a request made at the CS undergraduate forum, the department overhauled the undergraduate advising system effective fall semester 2014 to provide undergraduates more flexibility in their academic advising.

Incoming undergraduate CS students (freshman & transfers) are randomly assigned to a faculty member designated as freshman, sophomore & transfer (FST) advisor. After completing freshman year, students by default stay with their FST advisor. After completing sophomore year, undeclared students by default are randomly assigned to a faculty member designated as junior & senior (JS) advisor. Effective fall semester 2015, after completing junior year, undeclared students will by default stay with their JS advisor.

Undergraduate CS students with an S&T in-major GPA of 3.0 or higher who have attained at least sophomore standing (>= 32 credit hours) counting on-campus credit hours only, have the option, if they so desire, to declare a departmental focus area of interest in order to be assigned an advisor working in that area, capacity permitting. Most CS students qualify, so YOU probably do too!

If you are currently undeclared and qualify for declaring, then you can declare by completing the Undergraduate Advising Form as indicated and submitting it to Elaina Manson (, the Office Support Assistant IV for Undergraduate Studies. You only need to use the Undergraduate Advising Long Form if you:

(a)    want to go from undeclared to declared status and specify a specific advisor,
(b)   want to remain in declared status with the same focus area but change advisor,
(c)    want to remain in declared status but change focus area,
(d)   want to go from declared status to undeclared status, or
(e)   are masochistic