Faculty Directory

Dr. Stephen Gao

Department Interim Chair, Curators’ Distinguished Teaching Professor

Dr. Avah Banerjee

Assistant Professor

Areas of Interest

Algorithms, Quantum Information Theory and Graph Theory 


Dr. Nan Cen

Assistant Professor

Areas of Interest

Visible-Light Networking, Internet-of-Things, 5G New Radio, Broadband Wireless Networking, Wireless Multimedia Networks, Optimization, Protocol Design and AI for Wireless Networks

Dr. Sajal K. Das

Curators’ Distinguished Professor/Daniel St. Clair Endowed Chair

Areas of Interest

Cyber-Physical Systems, Security and Privacy, Smart Environments (Smart City, Energy, Healthcare), IoTs, Wireless Sensor Networks, Mobile and Pervasive Computing, Big Data Analytics, Parallel and Cloud Computing, Social Networks, Systems Biology, Graph Theory and Game Theory

Michael Gosnell

Assistant Teaching Professor

Areas of Interest

Programming Fundamentals and Software Engineering, Operating Systems, Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science, Relational Database Systems, Parallel, Distributed, and Grid Computing

Dr. Gerry Howser

Associate Teaching Professor

Areas of Interest

Cyber-Physical Systems, Modal Logic and Kripke Frames, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Algorithms, and teaching. 

Dr. Sanjay Madria

Curators' Distinguished Professor and Associate Chair for Research

Areas of Interest

Mobile Data Management, Cloud computing, Cyber Security, Wireless computing and Data Analytics.

Dr. Tony Luo

Associate Professor

Areas of Interest

Internet of Things, Machine Learning, & Cyber Security

Dr. Ricardo Morales

Director of Professional Graduate Programs and Associate Teaching Professor

Areas of Interest

Introduction to Programming with C++, Data Structures, Discrete Mathematics For Computer Science, and Algorithms

Dr. Venkata Sriram Siddhardh Nadendla

Assistant Professor

Areas of Interest

Cyber-Physical-Human Systems; Statistical Inference & Machine Learning; Nudge & Persuasion; Security, Fairness, Transparency and Trust

Dr. Chaman Sabharwal


Areas of Interest

Spatial Reasoning, Graphics, Robotics, Vision and Parallel Algorithms

Dr. Patrick Taylor

Associate Chair for Academic Affairs and Associate Teaching Professor

Areas of Interest

Data Structures, Introduction to Computer Security, Introduction to Programming, and Bioinformatics

Dr. Ardhendu Tripathy

Assistant Professor

Areas of Interest

Statistical Learning Theory, Adaptivity in Machine Learning, and Explainable AI

Dr. San Yeung

Assistant Teaching Professor

Areas of Interest

File Structures, Introduction to Database Systems, and Introduction to Operating Systems 

Joint Appointment Faculty

Dr. Jagannathan Sarangapani

Rutledge Emerson Endowed Chair Professor in Electrical Engineering

Areas of Interest

Systems and Control, Cyber Physical Systems and Security, Wireless/Sensor Networks, Robotics/Autonomous Systems, and Prognostics 

Dr. Sahra Sedigh

Associate Professor in Computer Engineering

Areas of Interest

Cyber-Physical Systems, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Pervasive Computing, Sensor Networks for Environmental and Structural Monitoring, Development and Assessment of Dependable Networks and Embedded Systems, and System and Information Assurance

Dr. Donald C. Wunsch II

Professor in Computer Engineering/Mary Finley Endowed Chair

Areas of Interest

Clustering, Neural Networks, Reinforcement Learning, Approximate Dynamic Programming, Adaptive Dynamic Programming, Adaptive Critic Designs, Adaptive Resonance Theory, Fuzzy Systems, Evolutionary Computation, Particle Swarm Optimization, Nonlinear Regression, Memristors, Game of Go (Baduk, Weichi), Traveling Salesman Problem, Prisoner's Dilemma Problem, Robotic Swarms, Bioinformatics, Self-Healing Critical Infrastructure, Smart Grid, Critical Infrastructure and Cybersecurity

Adjunct Faculty

Randy Canis

Adjunct Professor


Perry Koob


Karl Lutzen



Emeritus Faculty

Dr. Bruce McMillin

Emeritus Professor

Areas of Interest

Cyber-Physical Systems, Computer Security, Cyber-Physical Security, Distributed Computing Theory

Dr. Clayton Price

Emeritus Teaching Associate Professor