Staff Directory

Jason Newton

Academic Advisor

Al Culp

Office Support Assistant IV

  • Undergraduate Secretary (including Experiential Learning, Senior Assessment, Undergrad Forms)
  • Undergraduate Appointments & ACM Leadership Contact
  • Non-PO Vouchers; Process all Non-PO Vouchers for Students and Visitors with OSA IV(A)
  • Process all Travel Reimbursements for Travel Grants/Conference Grants
  • Faculty Reimbursements (T&E) with OSA IV A & OSA III as backup
  • Department Accreditations (including ABET, HLM, etc.)
  • Lead CS Course Scheduling
  • Liaison with Office of the Registrar, CEC, OSP, and other departments
  • Assist with Summer Camps
  • Purchase Requests sent to CSTask (Check ALL Expense & available Funds)
  • Update Space Allocations Online for Campus Information
  • Maintain Academic Works & Process Scholarship Forms
  • Edit OneCard and assist in Editing Faculty Cards
  • Conduct Computer Science Surveys (such as Taulbee)
  • Advancement/Development Initiatives
  • CS Enrollment Management and Admissions
  • Ordering for Department Faculty with OSA III & IV
  • Textbook orders
Addie Williams

Office Support Assistant IV

  • Graduate/Research Secretary (grad applications, grad forms)
  • CS Enrollment Management and Admissions
  • Graduate Admissions and Funding Calculations
  • Graders, GTA's, GRA's, GA's, GAANN Fellows Assignments & Processing eForms
  • Liaison with Office of Registrar, CEC, OSP, and other departments
  • Process student Tuition and Fee Waivers
  • Office assignments and space committee member
  • Make all speaker arrangements with OSA III
  • Edit OneCard and assist in editing faculty cards, when needed
  • Advancement/Development Initiatives
  • Maintain CS capitol equipment records and work with physical facilities on tagging, etc.
  • Liaison with Fiscal Center regarding monthly account reconciliations and fiscal duties
Ashley Weems

Office Support Assistant III

  • Organize Campus Visits, Discovery Days, Open Houses
  • Key Manager, Key requests
  • Execute Department Events with OSA IV A & B (including Annual Banquets, Advising Week Events, Holiday Events, Graduation Events, etc.)
  • Communications Coordinator for Website and Social Media Accounts
  • Assist OSA IV with all Department Publications (Brochures, Pamphlets, Flyers, etc.)
  • Make all travel arrangements for candidate interviews & faculty
  • Make all arrangements for seminars and speakers
  • Ordering for Department and Faculty with OSA IV A & B Backup
  • Textbook Orders
  • Maintain CS Capital Equipment Records and work with Physical Facilities on tagging, etc.
  • Other Duties: Filing, Maintain CS Annex, Supplies, Department Listing Updates, eEVR reminders
Joni Matlock

Finance and Accounting Specialist


Manage department operating accounts and grants.

Rhonda Sherman

Business Support Specialist II


Faculty and Staff hiring and courtesy appointments; payroll

Bahar Gholinejad Pirbazari