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Are you interested in programming the software that powers your favorite computer games, or learning how to prevent the next great cyber attack? Have you always had a knack for computer networking, creating mobile apps, or datamining? Dig deeper into the inner workings of your computer. Consider joining the state’s first, and best, computer science program.

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A sample Cyber-Physical system is a water treatment system in which each component is in its own security domain. Each portion of the process is monitored (each with a wise owl who is an oracle of knowledge) through a valuation V (its spyglass) from that domain to other domains that contain information from the physical owls, cyber owls, and knowledge in the form of invariants (the books) to ensure system operation. ” Figure courtesy of Sarah Martin.

CPS: TTP Option: Medium: Collaborative Research: Trusted CPS from Untrusted Components

PI: Bruce McMillin
Co-PI's: Rui Bo & Jonathan Kimball

Amount: $962,695
Time Period: 10/1/2018 – 09/30/2021

The nation's critical infrastructures are increasingly dependent on systems that use computers to control vital physical components, including water supplies, the electric grid, airline systems, and medical devices. These are all examples of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) that are vulnerable to attack through their computer systems, through their physical properties such as power flow, water flow, chemistry, etc., or through both. The potential consequences of such compromised systems include financial disaster, civil disorder, even the loss of life.  [Read more] [Sept 24, 2018]

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