High-Performance Computing

As the size of data and complexity of computation continue to grow, high-performance computing (HPC) is becoming more and more important for a variety of science domains including physics, chemistry, climate, and artificial intelligence. With expertise in scientific computing, large-scale data analytics and management, and parallel processing, the department keeps intensive collaborations with centers and institutes both inside and outside the campus. This work is primarily supported by NSF and DOE. 

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Dr. Sanjay Madria

Associate Chair for Research Curators’ Distinguished Professor

Areas of Interest

Cloud Computing, Security, Wireless Computing and Mobile Data Management

Dr. Sajal Das


Areas of Interest

Cyber-physical systems, Security and privacy, Smart environments (Smart city, energy, healthcare), IoTs, Wireless sensor networks, Mobile and pervasive computing, Big data analytics, Parallel and cloud computing, Social networks, Systems biology, Graph theory and Game theory.

Dr. Md Arifuzzaman

Assistant Professor

Dr. Seung-Jong Jay Park

Kummer Endowed Chair of Computer Science

Areas of Interest

Big data, Deep Learning, Cyberinfrastructure, High Performance Computing, High Speed Networks, Large-scale scientific applications, Cloud Computing, Interdisciplinary research including bioinformatics.

Dr. Satish Puri

Associate Professor

Areas of Interest

Parallel and Distributed Computing, High Performance Computing, GPU Computing, Similarity Search