Undergraduate Scholarships

Missouri S&T provides a scholarship database that contains both an internal list of scholarships offered by the University, as well as an external list of scholarships available from people/organizations outside the University. Utilize the filter on the database website to separate internal and external so it is easier to see the ones suited to you!

To view all these undergraduate opportunities, visit this website. http://scholarships.mst.edu/

Once you have logged into the scholarship database you will be prompted to answer some questions that will allow the database to provide a list of suggested scholarships that fit your specific needs. Along with these scholarships, undergraduate students in the CS department have a few extra scholarship opportunities that they can competitively apply for. These CS scholarships are only available to those undergraduates who have declared a Computer Science major with Missouri S&T. The database is likely to give you lots of scholarship suggestions through the University so don’t forget to utilize our CS department specific list in the database search bar so you can figure out if you qualify for any of those!

  • Computer Science Alumni Scholarship Fund
  • Women in Computing Scholarship
  • Joseph Stahl Sigma Pi Endowed Scholarship
  • Mark X. Stratman Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Rex Widmer – RWS – Software Archeology Computer Science Scholarship
  • Ellen M. Hodges Memorial Scholarship
  • John J. Adelsberger III Memorial Scholarship
  • Howard L. & Lois M. Cook Alumni Scholarship

There is an additional Scholarship program that CS students and any other STEM majors at S&T can apply for. The Kummer Vanguard Scholars Program is a competitive program established through a portion of a generous gift of $300 million from June and Fred Kummer, longtime supporters of Missouri S&T. This scholarship program has its own set of stipulations so you will have to visit the sites below to find out if you qualify!

Read more about the Kummer Vanguard Scholarship here. https://sfa.mst.edu/financial-aid/scholarships/undergraduate/kummervanguardscholarsscholarship/

Apply for the Kummer Vanguard Scholarship here. https://connect.mst.edu/account/login?r=https%3a%2f%2fconnect.mst.edu%2fapply%2fform%3fid%3df1b97866-74a0-451d-871a-5eb3d0be1038