Graduate Track Pathway

4+1, BS+MS, Graduate Track Pathway (GTP)

Do you know what you are doing after graduation?
If you are looking for a job, or you are considering graduate school, read on!
Undergraduates currently majoring in Computer Science at Missouri S&T may opt to apply for a Grad Track Pathway (GTP).

The GTP in Computer science was designed to help our CS undergraduates accelerate through a masters degree, which improves your prospects at a rewarding job in any field, including: industry, national labs, or academia.
It allows students to transfer nine credit hours from their Missouri S&T bachelor's degree to their Computer Science master's degree.


As an existing CS undergraduate, it is designed to provide you with several significant benefits, including:
* Finish sooner: A student can achieve both degrees more efficiently and quickly than if pursuing the degrees separately.
* Double-count 9 hours of 5*** level courses (more efficient): Nine hours of 5000-level or above Computer Science coursework may be transferred from their Missouri S&T bachelor's degree to their Computer Science master's degree.
* Saving money: The credit hours taken as part of the pathway may be taken at the lower undergraduate tuition rate.
* Skip the GRE: The GRE test is not required for admission into the master's degree.
* Two options: Thesis (research) or Non-thesis (coursework only) options are both available (you choose).
* Get a head-start on research (finish thesis sooner): If you choose a thesis, then work on a project may begin before the bachelor degree requirements are completed.

Questions and Answers:

Q: When should I apply?
A: Ideally, apply during late Junior year, or Senior year.
At the latest, you must complete the whole application process before 30 days from the end of their last semester (start sooner, it takes a some time).

Q: When should I take my 3 x 5*** CS elective courses?
A: Anytime during your CS degree.

Q: What are the GPA and other requirements, prior to application?
A: To be eligible to apply for the Grad Track Pathway, a Computer Science BS student must:
* have at least a 3.50 GPA in all CompSci courses taken at Missouri S&T
* have a 3.0 cumulative GPA

Q: Are there any requirements once I'm in?
A: You must get a B or higher in each GTP shared credit course, and remain in good academic standing!

Q: How do I apply for the GTP?
A: Complete these steps:
1. Fill out the application below.
2. Email it to for validation.
3. After completion, we'll email it to for filing, and they will launch it to the graduate school for approval.
4. You must also submit an official application to the graduate school via and inform Dr. Taylor <> to process your application. 


Q: Do I need letters of recommendation?
A: You do need letters for the thesis GTP program. You do not need letters for the non-thesis GTP; they are waived during the application processing.

Q: Can I get paid during graduate school like a real job?
A: Yes, this option is possible! Our graduate students can apply for salaried GTA or GRA contract positions, as well as grader positions, though none are guaranteed (ask for details).
You can make a living as a graduate student.
For details of GTA and GRA positions, see the stipend X page:

Q: Do I need to choose an advisor?
A: Only if you are doing the thesis option, do you coordinate with an advisor before applying.

Q: Can I take extra graduate courses in addition to GTP credit, while I am still completing the undergraduate degree?
A: Yes, via the dual-enrollment mechanism. You can do both dual-enrollment, and the GTP concurrently. 

Q: How can I ask more questions?
A: Email Dr. Taylor <>


Extra departmental administrative documents:

Grad Track Admission and Standards

Request for Grad Track Pathway