Cyber-Physical Systems and IoT

Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS): CPS plays a major role on an engineering campus.  Departmental strengths include sensing, smart grid, Internet of Things, and networking. This work is primarily through NSF, NIST, and AFRL ($1.6M).  Recent awards to junior faculty have increased this figure.

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Dr. Nan Cen

Assistant Professor

Areas of Interest

Visible-Light Networking, Internet-of-Things, 5G New Radio, Broadband Wireless Networking, Wireless Multimedia Networks, Optimization, Protocol Design and AI for Wireless Networks

Dr. Sajal K. Das

Curators’ Distinguished Professor/Daniel St. Clair Endowed Chair

Areas of Interest

Cyber-Physical Systems, Security and Privacy, Smart Environments (Smart City, Energy, Healthcare), IoTs, Wireless Sensor Networks, Mobile and Pervasive Computing, Big Data Analytics, Parallel and Cloud Computing, Social Networks, Systems Biology, Graph Theory and Game Theory

Dr. Tony Luo

Associate Professor

Areas of Interest

Internet of Things, Machine Learning, & Cyber Security