Opportunities for Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research can be a great opportunity to experience what the next academic level holds. It is a chance to be on the cutting edge of computer science, and some undergraduate researchers have even worked on published papers and made research posters for the Poster Contest at our annual banquet. If a student is interested in a graduate degree, doing research as an undergraduate can prepare them by having them work with real researchers solving modern problems in computer science. Working with faculty and graduate students gives the student a view of what a graduate program demands, and can make becoming a graduate student much easier. If you are interested in undergraduate research, the best way to get started would be to find an area of computer science you are interested in and find a faculty member related to that field. Below are the computer science professors and their areas of interest. If anything appeals to you, feel free to ask them about it. We also have several labs in our department, with dedicated resources and researchers.

Undergraduate Research Poster Contest Winners

1st Place Julius Aguma (Ceasar)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Bruce McMillin
Research Lab: Critical Infrastructure Protection Laboratory

2nd Place Kevin Schoonover

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Daniel Tauritz
Research Lab: Natural Computation Laboratory

Faculty Interests